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I am passionate about helping my clients navigate all of the ups & downs of life through individualized counseling services (in-person & via Telehealth).  I find that my experience is best suited to serve those dealing with the following challenges:  


Individual Counseling

I believe in the unique one on one counseling therapeutic process.  I encourage my clients to look towards a more positive future and learn coping mechanisms to assist with their difficulties.


When a disturbing event occurs, it can get locked in the brain with the images, sounds, thoughts, feelings and body sensations. EMDR seems to stimulate the information and allows the brain to process the experience. It is your own brain that will be doing the healing and you are the one in control.

Stressed Woman

Stress & Trauma

I have been trained in PTSD and have worked extensively with clients dealing with stress and trauma in their history.  

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling is an essential part of a relationship whether you are having major or minor difficulties, we can work together to get through them.


Depression is very difficult to deal with and I have a unique way in which we can work through and towards a more positive and healthy outlook on life.

Angry Outbursts

Anger is a difficult issue to get in balance but it can be done through some special skill sets and practice.

Image by Darius Bashar

Somatic Psychotherapy

SP uses mindfulness, body awareness, breath, breath awareness and body-oriented tools to guide the client towards their inner and outer resources for stabilization.


I have worked in the substance abuse field for 30 years and love the work that I do.  I am in long term recovery myself so I have a certain level of understanding and compassion.   I also have counseling experience in other addictions such as food, gambling and sex/porn.


I encourage the practice of mindfulness and simple meditation which I will practice with my clients and teach and go through coping mechanisms for anxiety to help better their lives.

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