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What is Reiki?

So many people have asked me lately when I give them my new business card... What is Reiki? Well, I say, it's the very BEST thing you can do for yourself as Reiki healing goes right where it needs to go. I was taught Reiki starting in 2008 and am of the Usui Lineage that I am very proud of. I believe in Reiki because it has healed and continues to heal me.

Reiki is Energy work, we have little energy wheels in our bodies called Chakras. There are 7 main ones and many small ones throughout our body. Many times, these wheels tend to get "stuck" which causes dis-ease of our body, mind and spirit. What Reiki does is goes straight to those Chakras and will get them working the way they should be again to make you feel healthy and whole again.

So what you do is lay down on a Reiki/massage table (fully clothed) and I place my hands on the different Chakras to open them up. You will most likely feel heat coming from my hands...that is the energy at work!! I like to play Reiki music or 528HZ sounds to help you relax. I use crystals to elevate the energy and really get those Chakras moving! Towards the end of the Reiki session, I have incorporated some sound bowls to assist with the healing process as well.

I have had so many happy clients that have had a lot of positive results. Some for relaxation, some for pain, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, higher consciousness, and the list goes on. So... that my friends, in a nutshell is what Reiki is!

Come and try a session!

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